Getting started with Mixed Mode​

Welcome to Getting Started with Mixed Mode!

The five steps below provide you with the definition of mixed mode, the pedagogy to facilitate your class and the classroom equipment needed to successfully deliver mixed mode. There are also video walk-throughs to help setup the three classroom types you may be assigned.

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Understand Mixed Mode and Mixed Mode Lite
Refine course design and learning activities
Identify the classroom type
Study the set-up guide of the classroom types
  1. Classrooms with Ceiling Mic and Mic4Me
    Video Guide | PDF Guide | Sound Sample

  2. Classrooms with Mic4Me only
    Video Guide | PDF Guide | Sound Sample

Reserve RVC feed service from MTPC (if needed)
Get ready to Mixed Mode Teaching
FAQs for Mixed Mode Teaching
Seek Help on Mixed Mode
If you have any questions or need help on mixed-mode teaching, please email:

Other Resources

Info on Covid-19 | FAQs on Covid-19 | Campus Hygiene Measures

updated on 13-03-2023