Faculty and Teaching Staff

CEI works in partnership with faculty members and teaching staff in pursuing their teaching goals and in creating a quality learning experience for their students. To this end we support a wide range of activities and services.

Evaluation of Teaching

To provide information and feedback to instructors in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Institutional eLearning Platform & Tools

To enhance the quality of teaching and learning with the institutional Learning Management platform and innovative eLearning tools or solutions.

Teaching Development Grant Projects

To collaborate with faculty in teaching development projects funded either through the University Grants Council or institutionally.

Teaching Resources

To provide faculty and teaching staff with professional resources to enhance your teaching.

Professional Development

To offer courses, workshops and seminars focus on the professional development of our faculty and teaching staff.

Teaching and Learning Symposium

To organize the biennial Teaching and Learning Symposium which aims to showcase and celebrate continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning at the University; to emphasize collaboration with teaching practices and innovations within the University community.