University E-Learning Forum – How to kick start a blended learning course?

Friday, 23 October, 2015 - 12:30 to 14:00

Speakers:  Prof Fugee Tsung, Head & Professor
                 Dept. of Industrial Engineering & Logistics Management

                 Prof James S. H. Kwok, Associate Professor of Business Education
                 Dept. of Information Systems, Business Statistics & Operations Management

Format: Seminar

In this seminar, Prof Tsung shared his vision of flipped teaching and illustrate the role of teachers as mentor, coach and educator. He also shared his experience on balancing between a researcher and an educator. His course (IELM 3270) was offered for the first time in blended learning mode and graded group activities plus a project were included in the in-class sessions. He also walked participants through his experience in facilitating in-class group works, and the balance of in-class learning and after-class learning.

In the later part of the seminar, Prof Kwok shared on possible ways to facilitate group work in blended learning courses.

About the Speakers:

Professor Fugee Tsung is a Professor and Head of IELM. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), Fellow of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), Academician of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ), and Fellow of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). He received both his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and his B.Sc. from the National Taiwan University. He is a Department Editor of IIE Transactions, Associate Editor of Technometrics, and will be the Editor-in-Chief of  the Journal of Quality Technology from 2016. He was also the winner of the Best Paper Award awarded by IIE Transactions in 2003 and 2009. Other than his proven record for academic leadership and research, he is also a dedicated educator. He was the recipient of a Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award in the School. He has also established/facilitated several teaching and learning initiatives during his headship, such as the Stanford-HKUST joint course on Global Manufacturing, a joint summer course on Design Thinking with the China Academy of Art, a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program for UG and MSc, and was instrumental in setting up a blended learning course on Quality Engineering in Spring 2015.

Professor James S. H. Kwok is the Associate Professor of Business Education in ISOM. He has been teaching business applications programming and IS auditing courses for many years. He has 3 teaching development grants and 1 university teaching grant for addressing various teaching and learning problems.

Workshop Materials: