The Nitty-Gritty Common Core: Transdisciplinary Quality, Flexibility, and Experimentation

Wednesday, 21 April, 2021 - 12:30 to 14:00

Seminar Overview:

In this seminar, I will first give an overview of the Common Core at the University of Hong Kong and then move through a series of policies, processes, and programmes that we have created to engage undergraduates with questions of transdisciplinary learning. We are always experimenting with different forms of “transdisciplinarity-in-action” in order to offer students a more integrated and powerful form of learning, both for their university trajectories and to better prepare them for what is to come. Please come with your questions, your scepticisms, and your suggestions!


About the Speaker:

Gray Kochhar-Lindgren is Professor & Director of the Common Core at the University of Hong Kong ( Holding a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from Emory University, he served as a Fulbright Scholar in Hong Kong and as the Lead for the UGC and HKU Outstanding Teaching Awards (Teams). He initiated GLADE (Global Liberal Arts Design Experiments) in 2017 and is now co-designing Critical Zones: Gender, Cities, and Well-Being; The Passion Project: Creating Work You Love; and TransDisciplinary Undergraduate Research projects. His most recent book is Urban Arabesques: Philosophy, Hong Kong, Transversality. Gray and his team won the UGC Teaching Award (Teams) in 2019.


All Faculty and Teaching Staff are welcome


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