Kick-Start Package to enable Active Learning

Tuesday, 7 May, 2019 - 09:00

Kick-Start Package to enable Active Learning


Section 1: Background

If you have been thinking about adopting new teaching and learning pedagogies in your class but don’t know how to start, here comes a kick-start package that can help you get going! The package offers to turn your regular lecture videos recorded in High Definition Remote Video Capture (HD-RVC)* into a collection of video clips which can be used for the further development of a blended learning or active learning course. Better yet, if you decide to proceed after seeing these HD-RVC video clips, the Center for Education Innovation will provide funds to help you develop and convert your traditional lecture class into active learning one!

*CEI staff will work with the instructor to arrange venue equipped with HD-RVC for their class. For more information about HD-RVC, please visit:

Section 2. Eligibility

All full-time faculty/teaching staff of the University who teach undergraduate courses are eligible.

Section 3. Selection Criteria

Upon the instructor submit 1) a proposal on course design (see the “Workflow of the kick-start package” on the application form) and 2) a brief budget plan, CEI will select and fund proposals which demonstrate plan to use video clips to facilitate or cultivate student’s active learning.

Section 4. Funding Limits and Recommended Use of Funding

The ceiling of the funding is HK $100,000 per each course. It is recommended that the funding be used to recruit student helpers for the course's future development.

Section 5. Project Start Date and Deadline for Using Allocated Funds

Once the proposal is approved, all project expenditure should be claimed within one year from the project start date. Any balance left unspent after that date will be clawed back automatically. Approval from CEI is required for extension of deadline for the project.

Section 6. Important Due Dates

Expression of Interest: Return the attached application form to Miss Phoebe Mok ( by 14 June 2019. We will schedule a meeting with you to understand your ideas and provide necessary support to revise your plan.

Release of results: August, 2019

Section 7. Enquiry

For enquiry, please contact Miss Phoebe MOK ( / 2358 6297).