From General Education Courses to Ice Cream Making: Students' and Instructors' Views on General Education

Wednesday, 29 April, 2009 (All day)

Presenter: Prof Michael Wong, Prof King Chow, Dr Ice Ko and Prof Lam-Lung Yeung

Format: Seminar

From 2006 - 2008, a project team from the School of Science developed a teaching development project, Pilot Courses for Science General Education in Four-Year University Curriculum. By the end of the project, they conducted a survey on students taking general education courses offered from the School of Science to gather their expectations and experiences of these courses, and their criteria in course selection. In this seminar, they shared their course development experience and discussed the survey results, including

  • Data analyses on students' expectations
  • Effect of students' year of study on their enthusiasms
  • Role of interactive teaching methodologies played in these general education courses
  • Recommendations on how to bridge the gap between the expectations of the students and instructors
  • Key issues for offering new courses

Workshop Materials: