Formative Evaluation, Documenting and Reflecting on Your Teaching: A series of professional development sessions with Prof Chris Knapper

Wednesday, 7 October, 2009 (All day) to Wednesday, 14 October, 2009 (All day)

Presenter: Prof Chris Knapper

Format: Seminar / Workshop

Session 1: An Introduction to Formative Evaluation of Teaching – Goals, Rationale, and Strategies

This interactive seminar explored reasons and benefits for engaging with formative evaluation of your teaching. Prof Knapper outlined different strategies for evaluation that can lead to improvement of teaching, including self-assessment, peer evaluation, and using a range of information provided by students.

Workshop Materials:

Session 2: Formative Evaluation in Practice

This workshop introduced participants to a range of approaches for gathering information about their teaching that can lead to enhanced effectiveness. We explored methods for assessing your own teaching style and practices, for getting and offering helpful advice from colleagues, and collecting a range of data from students, with the aim of helping participants gather data that will lead to improvement of teaching and student learning.

Workshop Materials:

Session 3: Documenting and Reflecting on Your Teaching: Preparing a Teaching Portfolio

In this workshop we explored how the various strategies discussed in earlier sessions can be used as a source of reflection about good teaching practice, and can form evidence for a teaching portfolio. Participants developed a statement of teaching philosophy, considered what evidence they might collect to document their teaching achievements, and planned for possible future changes in their teaching approach. Each person left the workshop with an outline of their teaching portfolio.

Workshop Materials: