Development of a New Outcome-Based Assessment Method for CBME Laboratory

Wednesday, 1 December, 2010 (All day)

Presenter: Prof John Barford, Associate Professor, CBME

Format: Seminar

In this sharing, Prof Barford had an open and informal exchange with the audience on his teaching development initiative that developed a new outcome-based assessment method for a lab course. He described his experiences in making major changes to a first laboratory course in chemical engineering – a course which, in many ways, sets the standard and the expectations for the remainder of the degree course. After briefly describing why the changes were made and the nature of these changes, the implantation of these changes were discussed. In particular, the problems faced (both expected and unexpected), the management issue faced, the reactions of student and staff to the changes and the challenges this brought to them has been shared with the audience. The importance of, and results from, the mid-course and end-course focus group interviews were described to assess the effectiveness of the approaches used. The major contributions from non-Departmental sources (e.g. Language Centre) were also be discussed.

Workshop Materials: