25 AUG 2009 FALL

Tuesday, 25 August, 2009 (All day)

TA Mass Orientation and Induction Training Program

The Fall 2009 TA training program organized for to all new TAs in late Aug has been completed successfully. This year, more than 300 new TAs participated in the program.

From mid-Sept to late Oct, several elective TA workshops are offered to all TAs to polish their teaching skills. For details, please refer TA training.

Fall 2009 Teaching Assistant Workshop Archive

Workshop Title: TA101 Mass Orientation Session

This session is mandatory for all incoming TAs. TAs will be greeted by Prof TC Pong, AVPAA and Nick Noakes, Director of CELT. TAs will also be briefed about the basic information regarding the TA Orientation and training program as well as the supporting services at UST.

Video of Workshop

Workshop Title: TA105 Using AV Facilities in Lecture Theatre and IT Classroom

This workshop is offered by ITSC and aims to: (1) acquaint TAs with all instructional equipment and facilities offered by ITSC, and (2) provide guidelines and hands-on practice in using audio-visual equipment, computing facilities and Personal Response System (PRS) in lecture theaters and IT classrooms.

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Workshop Title: TA106 Knowing UST Teaching Services

This workshop is tailor-made for ALL new TAs to know about the teaching support services at UST. Four representatives from various centers and offices are invited to give a 20-minute presentation about their resources and services. The parties involved are the Language Center (LANG), Student Affairs Office (SAO), Publishing Technology Center (PTC) and Library (LIB).

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Workshop Title: TA111 Effective Teaching Skills

This workshop intends to equip TAs with some practical teaching skills as Teaching Assistants at UST. By the end of the workshop, TAs should be able to 1) describe the roles and duties of being a Teaching Assistant at UST; 2) explain common problems in teaching and ways to handle them and 3) identify teaching resources available.

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Workshop Title: TA112 Marking & Grading

TAs will learn the basic principles of marking and grading through working on a simulated marking exercise in group. By the end of the workshop, TAs should be able to 1) describe some basic principles of marking & grading, 2) Identify resources available to enhance their knowledge and practice of marking and grading.

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Workshop Title: TA113 Effective Presentation Skills for Teaching

This workshop aims to introduce some effective in-class presentation strategies for TAs. Group activities and discussion will be conducted to ensure that after the workshop TAs will be confident to prepare, develop and deliver successful presentations for teaching.

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Workshop Title: TA121 Conducting Laboratory

This workshop aims to: (1) increase TAs' awareness of Laboratory safety, (2) discuss common issues of conducting Laboratory and (3) introduce effective ways of performing their Lab duties. It is followed by a discussion session hosted by TACs on major issues that TAs should be aware of when conducting laboratory.

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