19 MAR 2008 SPRING

Wed, 2008-03-19 (All day)

March 2008 TA Event - "Learning from the Best - A Chance for Enhancing Teaching and Communication with Students"

The March 2008 TA Event was completed successfully on 19 Mar 2008 (Wed). Over 60 participants joined the event. 4 experienced TAs and 1 UG student from different departments were invited to deliver an interesting and inspiring presentations to our TAs and UG students. Also, an interactive discussion and sharing session was conducted which benefited most of the TAs and UG students.

TA Presentations:

How Do They Manage it? An Investigation On The Study And Learning Strategies Of Year 1 HKUST Students

Fri, 2008-03-14 (All day)

Presenter: Dr Lucia Yeung and Dr Tak Ha

Format: Seminar

In Fall 2007, CELT conducted a student learning research to investigate how students at HKUST learn. The findings from this research help faculty and instructors to build up a scientific and evidence-based understanding of how their students learn. In this seminar, Dr Yeung and Dr Ha covered: