[General] Over Two-Hundred Education & Science Blogs

The list was compiled by Prof Richard Hake, Emeritus Professor of from Indiana University. It lists over two-hundred education and science blogs, providing for each blog: the author's name and background; the blog title, focus, and URL; and (where available) the Technorati Authority [TA] (number of blogs linking to the website in the last six months) and the Blogged Rating [BR]. Appendix A discusses the Academic Discussion List Sphere (ADLsphere) and the Blog Sphere (Blogosphere), indicating some strengths and weaknesses of each. Appendix B considers the ADLsphere and the Blogosphere as harbingers of a collective short-term working memory. Appendix C discusses the International Edubloggers Directory, Technorati, Blogged, ScienceBlogs; other blog directories and lists; and other social networking sites. The REFERENCES contain over 100 general citations to open access, internet usage, the ADLsphere, and the Blogosphere.