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Mr Nick NOAKES, Director of CEI

Nick Noakes joined The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 1994 and has been in the Center (previously CELT) since January 2001.

Nick's areas of research interest are teaching and learning practices around emerging technologies in higher education, epistemological and cognitive change, and institutional change strategies.

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Technology-enhanced Teaching (eLearning)

Ms June CHAN Head, Technology-enhanced Teaching
Instructional Designer
Ms Sue HU Instructional Designer
Instructional Designer
Instructional Designer
Ms Ellie CHAN Senior Officer (Educational Evaluation)
Senior Officer (eLearning Content Development)
Education Development Officer
Ms May TSE Education Development Officer
Ms Chloe CHEUNG Web Designer
Ms Selina WONG Assistant Education Development Officer
Mr Ken TAM Assistant Officer (IT)

The team promotes the adoption of instructionally sound technologies in learning and teaching at HKUST. We support faculty and teaching staff in their teaching efforts through the followings:

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Professional Development

Dr Beatrice CHU Head, Professional Development
Mr C J BOU Senior Game Development Officer
Mr Eric YEUNG Senior Officer (Educational Evaluation)
Ms Quianne TSANG Senior Multimedia Design Officer
Ms Crystal LUO Assistant Education Development Manager
Mr Ken YU Assistant Education Development Manager (Learning Experience)
Mr Ritchie WONG Education Development Officer
Ms Reni WONG Education Development Officer
Ms Wing Yu LAM Research Assistant

The team fosters and advocates innovative pedagogies and best practices in learning and teaching. We support faculty, teaching staff and graduate teaching assistants through the followings:

  • provide professional development programs for faculty and teaching staff according to the university’s teaching and learning initiatives, including faculty orientation; university teaching course; seminars and workshops; and annual teaching and learning symposium,
  • provide institutional-wide teaching and learning course for all research postgraduates to prepare them for their teaching duties, and to collaborate with Teaching Assistant Coordinators (TAC) to support their departmental graduate teaching assistants,
  • support teaching innovations through teaching development grant projects by providing instructional advice and evaluation support, and
  • discover and promote the adoption of innovative active learning methods in course design, such as authentic learning through experiential approaches.

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General Administration

Ms Tammy SHA Manager
Mr Dickie HUNG Assistant Manager
Ms Gloria LO Officer (Administration)
Ms Connie YUE Assistant Officer (Administration)

The support and services provided by the team range from fielding enquiries, budget administration, logistics arrangement for workshops, seminars and special events, office management, maintaining office supplies, procurement/acquisition, inventory control, administration support for General Education courses and personnel matters to record keeping.

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